Thursday, March 5, 2009

Higgs boson found!

It's been found by three gradeschool kids with an accelerator they build in the hallway of their junior high school. Really. It's on the Interwebs, so it has to be true, right? Read all about it. CERN and Fermilab researchers are rumored to be considering "chucking it all in and starting a band."


Andrew Walsh said...

BAH! I saw your headline and jumped out of my chair. Dang it. You got me.

Anonymous said...

Starting a band is never a bad idea, no matter how successful you are.


Generic Cialis said...

Web its full of catchy phrases and awful comments, this one is a perfect example.

Anonymous said...

-- James Ph. Kotsybar

They granulate the universe to pulp
crashing particles only newly found.
They figure their trajectories and gulp,
“So much data upon which to expound!”
Their energies unbound by quantum course,
they separate the world we think we know.
They rip particles into force by force.
Unification’s where they say they’ll go.
When at last they prove life is illusion,
where do you think they’ll publish the result?
They may just ascend beyond confusion
and leave us in the lurch of the occult,
for once that testimony’s imparted,
expostulation just seems false-hearted.