Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wondering where I've gone?

Loyal readers --- forgive my lack of proliferation of late. I have switched jobs, and am now teaching full time at Northwestern University (very exciting for me). Getting together three classes from scratch has been a little like re-inventing the wheel three times over. And I've been finishing up a short fiction film called Galileo's Grave that Andrew, Stefani and I shot in the summer. I've been doing sound design and supervising color transfer, etc. etc. for that. Between the two of those things, The Atom Smashers has taken something of a hiatus the last month or so. But Monica and I are meeting soon to discuss strategy, we've been attending some seminars on board development and fundraising, and we are all very eager to jump back in and start editing this sucker. In addition, look for a new and beautiful website soon at our address (

Once things settle down some, I'll be back with more updates. Sorry for the long delay!