Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're feeling accepted

More acceptances are coming in: we've been accepted to a science film festival in Paris called Pariscience, to one in Bergen, Norway, (our image on that link!) and we're waiting to hear from a big one called IDFA in The Netherlands. With the one in Milan from a couple of months ago and the one we're attending in Vancouver, it's striking us as a little ironic that we've been accepted to four, possibly five festivals outside the US but not one in our own country! Chances were looking good for the Chicago International Film Festival, but our screening at the Museum of Science and Industry makes us ineligible for that one.

We're getting a little press, too: recently we were interviewed for The Miller-McCune Center for Research, Media, and Public Policy magazine and Fermilab's magazine. Will post those when they come up. Hopefully more will follow... In the meantime John Conway did a blog entry about the film in the widely-read science blog, Cosmic Variance. Thanks, John!

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Hi Kooky said...

Hoy, buba.

Seriously, many congrats on the continuing success of the film!