Monday, October 1, 2007

At last...

Our movie is done!

Or, maybe:


Holy cow.

A little clarification: our part is done. The edit is done. The movie exists, we love it, and we are extremely proud of it.

Now we turn it over to Kate Simko, our composer, to finish scoring the music, and Rich Rankin, our sound designer, to clean up all the sound, and Tyler Roth, our colorist, to make all the scenes match and make sure everything looks as good as it can. And Luke Haddock, our visual effects artist, is still working on some of the graphics. We have lo-resolution versions in there now, but he will soon give us the full-res graphics that we can then drop in place.

Now: I burn about 10-15 dvds for immediate mailing to some of the contacts I mentioned earlier and wait for our post-production team to finish up on their end.

Oh, yeah --- and send out another round of "can you help us?" fund-raising letters. Some of you might see some in the mail soon...

It's hard to believe I'm actually writing these words! It's been over three years...

More updates as they happen... but for now, I'm still trying to let it sink in.


Betse said...

Congratulations, Clayton. I am itching to see TAS. I remember the pre-pre-preview from a couple summers ago and I still register excitement when I think about the story.

And, you know what? If NOVA ends up being the PBS vehicle for the film, maybe it will help to put a new face on science. Maybe it will pull in more "regular folks", and it might inspire a bunch of budding scientists to continue this work.

I'm proud to call you a friend.

Anonymous said...

You stop writing, again?